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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department includes city maintenance operations: streets, parks, water, sewer and city garage.  Our crew of 16 is cross-trained to work in all divisions to serve you more efficiently.

Our offices are located at 4601 Toledo Ave N in the northwest corner of the city.  Our phone number is 763-531-1202.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  In addition to housing our city maintenance operations, we provide a Recycling Drop-off center.

Recycling Drop-Off Center:  Robbinsdale provides curb-side collection of most household recyclables.  The drop-off center provides for convenient recycling of large quantities of cardboard and scrap metal. Scrap metal cannot contain any plastic parts, it must be pure metal.  We do not accept appliances, microwaves, or lawnmowers.  Please check in with the Public Works front office prior to dropping off any items.

We partnered with local Cable 12 to produce a series of videos on What Does Public Work Do?
Click on the YouTube video links below to learn about these topics:
Street Maintenance Operations:
Snow Removal Policy:  The City may call a snow emergency when snow reaches a depth of 2 inches. Once a snow emergency has been called, there is no parking on the streets until they have been plowed from curb-to-curb.   Snow emergency notices are given to area broadcasters and are given on our snow emergency line:         763-531-1275. Violators could be ticketed and/or towed.
SNOW REMOVAL REMINDERS:  Trash Containers: Please place trash and recycling receptacles in a location that is both accessible for pick-up and out-of-the-way of snow removal operations.        Fire Hydrants: Residents with fire hydrants located near their homes or abutting their property can help the Fire Department and maintenance personnel by shoveling around fire hydrants immediately after a snowfall.   Clear fire hydrants five feet on each side, if possible, to allow access from all directions. Every second counts in an emergency.
STAY BACK, STAY ALIVE:  During winter, many crashes involve snow removal equipment. Most of these crashes could have been avoided if drivers would give the plow driver room to work safely.
  • Give plow operators room to work safely.
  • Yield to snowplows. Do not pass snowplows.
  • Slow down. Snow plows drive slower than posted speeds.
  • Never drive into a snow cloud.
  • Be patient. Follow 8 seconds behind snowplows.
  • Stay alert. Test road surface before driving. Black ice is invisible.
  • Never use cruise control in the winter.
Snowplow operators are working to make roads as safe as possible for you.  Remember to: STAY BACK, STAY ALIVE.

Please don't put your yard waste in the streets or parks:          The City Public Works Department reminds property owners that Robbinsdale City Code prohibits property owners from raking or depositing grass clippings, leaves, weeds, etc. into the gutters along street curbs. This practice causes storm sewer inlet grates to become plugged when it rains and contributes to the deterioration of water quality. The city appreciates resident cooperation in helping to keep lakes clean, storm sewers open, and streets clean by having your leaves and/or grass clippings collected by the yard waste hauler or properly composting them. Do not dump leaves in a park or rake them into the streets as this increases the cost of your city services due to the extra time required to sweep the streets and tend to the parks.  Remember: yard waste collection is part of the residents' solid waste collection service- there is no separate per bag fee.

Utilities: Water and Sewer Service
Robbinsdale operates 5 municipal wells.  The City Water hardness is 24 grains, iron content is .02 parts per million after water is treated.  The entire report on the City water quality is linked below:

2014 Annual Water Quality Report

2013 Annual Water Quality Report

Emergency Sewer Backup Problems:  Public works day hours are  7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 763-531-1202.  After hour emergencies, please contact the non-emergency police number - 763-531-1220 and they will contact us.
Hydrant Flushing:  The City flushes hydrants twice a year, spring and fall. Hydrant flushing is necessary to clean the city water lines. Flushing may create a disturbance in the water main. If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 763-531-1202 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.   Hydrant flushing will be announced in City utility bill stuffers and on the webpage as a news item.
Curb Stops:  Robbinsdale utilities are structured where the City provides the mains and the property owners are responsible for the water delivery system from the main to the home. This includes the curbstop where water can be shut off for maintenance.   If you have trouble locating your curb stop box, the city will attempt to locate it provided that we have received 24 hour advance notice.  Additional information related to the process is described in a pdf document.
Preventing Sanitary Sewer Problems: Do not flush dryer sheets, diapers, disposable wipe products or personal hygiene products down your toilet.  Do not pour grease, oil or fats down your sink. Older homes should have their sewer lines televised once every 5 years for preventative maintenance.
Wellhead Protection Plan: The City of Robbinsdale has completed the development of their Wellhead Protection Plan. This plan is designed to protect the groundwater aquifers that supply the Robbinsdale municipal drinking water wells.



Follow these instructions to check for water leaks in your plumbing system.


Ninety percent of the time high water usage is related to leaking toilets.  Homeowners should check the top of their meter to see if the low flow indicator is moving. (The low flow indicator is a small black triangle located in the middle of the meter, see sample below).  If this low flow indicator is moving, water is going through the water meter.  If no water is being used in the home the homeowner should shut off the valve under their toilet and then check the low flow indicator again.  If the low flow indicator stops moving after the toilet valve has been turned off, you have discovered your leak and your toilet needs to be fixed.   Homeowners should check all of their toilets this way as well as all faucets and water softeners.  Other sources to check would be your outside faucets and humidifiers.  You can also put a couple of drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and if the water in the toilet bowl turns color you have a toilet tank leak.

All water that goes through the meter is billed to the resident, repairing leaks in a timely fashion is your best defense against rising water bills.  Residents can obtain a list of licensed plumbers from our Engineering Department.
IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: Irrigation systems may run too long or could be stuck. WATER SOFTENERS:  Water softeners may be regenerating too often or could be stuck. A good indicator of this is an increase in salt usage. Water softeners should be serviced by qualified personnel.
Parks Maintenance Operations:
Please Use a Leash and Clean Up After Your Dogs!  By City Ordinance a person having the custody or control of a dog or cat may not permit the animal to be on a street, public park, school grounds or public place in the city without being effectively restrained by chain or leash and must clean up any feces of the animal and to dispose of such feces in a sanitary manner.


Please Help Us Catch Vandals:  Graffiti and vandalism in our Parks is becoming an increasing problem. If you witness vandalism taking place please contact the Robbinsdale Police Department at 763-531-1220 or call 911.
Gopher State One-Call at 811: Call before you Dig!
When someone calls prior to digging, utilities mark the utilities using the following color codes:



























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